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Dumb as expressions:It is my understanding that doorknobs are the target device for implying non-intellectualism or non-intelligence, but this may not be universal in the Angosphere.In the Frog regimes a different usage is in effect, but I can’t remember it.Anyway, the usages I have heard and used off and on…“Dumb as a bag of American Imperialist doorknobs”– implying that doorknobs designed and made outside of the US are better made and designed– universally I suspect that all US doorknobs are made in China– Canada probably has its own doorknob industry, still– Mexico, as per Canada ditto…

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dom, 4 febbraio 2018 04:54:47 +0000

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That white guy in Iowa is the whole reason i blog. I've been that guy... the one who is sort of a good guy but just doesnt know any better.The problem is that today all those white guys are confused abouit all the fuss and starting to get pissed off. Thats when at the least they start raising a whole new generation of neo racists who will go about undoing the 60's as fast as they can.That would suck. Or should I say that sucks?

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Daniel, I just noticed that you received a "zilla award" for the Most Eloquent and Powerful Writing as well as an award for Fantastic Jewish Blogger. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I don't know what the zilla award is or if it means that much to you, but you must be doing something right.Debra

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ven, 2 febbraio 2018 03:55:46 +0000

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