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mar, 7 febbraio 2017 19:32:49 +0000

Has anybody wondered if aliens are a cover up for some sort of weapon testing? I mean, we all think area 51 is hiding aliens, maybe they are making some sort of weapon instead? Who knows?

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oh well that’s annoying..What’s with this teukso thing, dont they get bored with Leeteuk, I feel like seeing him everywhere. Do they even try to see “JangWoo for HUM”?? and see which one is hotter?? (^%^&$$&#$!!)

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mar, 7 febbraio 2017 13:47:04 +0000

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let me put this simply. the new inbox sucks. I was so happy when it returned back to the old one, but then it switched back to the new one! :( I can't even see the whole message when I'm replying back to someone because its cut off, and viewing comments on my videos take more clicks than they should be and used to be, which is very inefficient. I just can't get used to it! :( CHANGE IT BACK!!!!

(1358) Jeffreyjib
mar, 7 febbraio 2017 01:22:47 +0000
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