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I read your posting and was jealous

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/ 24 de julho de 2008, 9:34 / ()Só pra deixar minha sugestão, o modo como eu gostaria de receber as novidades é pelo twitter! :PÉ que não estava na lista ali da votação, e quis comentar.PS: o blog tá muito bonito, heim?

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That's a genuinely impressive answer.

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Thank you, Trevor for these nice photos. We received so many heartfelt thank you cards because of all the work you and your peers did last Saturday. I will post this article to our facebook page so others can view the pics.

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sab, 31 dicembre 2016 20:16:20 +0000

F. Xavier Garcia Pujol escrigué:Hola Pau. Potser sí, se m’ha anat un xic “la pinça”. Però tanmateix, sembla que aquestes protestes de les CCAA han estat filtrades per a les cúpules i que son en clau de política espanyola. Cal veure, també, com Andalusia, sota marca socialista, ja demana i aposta per el federalisme, ja hi tornem, cafè per a tots. Una encaixada.

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Let’s also not forget that these for-profit diploma mills cynically and opportunistically target low income students, saddling them with unpayable debts that cannot even be discharged in bankruptcy.This shifting of the burden of financing of education follows upon the success of neoliberal policies to cut back state funding of higher education, casting vulnerable students intothe clutches of these profiteers.

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If you work in business, you’ve got to get your shit together and show you can compete with the big boys….and cram that “put on your big girl panties” condescending crap.

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Can’t wait for the new book to come out and continue the adventure! As for the contest that is a tough one to just name one! Though given my recent reading choices, I’d say the Lannisters of Westeros. So much cloak and dagger intrigue from them! If that doesn’t count then I’ll also say The Templars from the Assassin’s Creed “world”. I’ve just always loved the spin that they makers of those games put on history.

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Aline comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 21:42. Ameiiii….Ju, não estraga a sombra quando faz laminha? da uma impressão que quando for usar novamente a sombra seca não vai ser a mesma coisa.bjokas