Orecchiette street, Bari, Italy.

31 maggio 2018

There’s a street in you’ll never find on a map. They call it “ street”.

Orecchiette street is several streets, actually, concentrated in the old area of the city, called , where women sell their home made pasta (ever heard of “orecchiette”?), exposing it on wooden boards and making it live while chatting amongst them, sitting in front of their homes’ doors.


orecchiette in Bari Vecchia

Although they got used to tourists over the years, they have kept unmodified their authentical way of making pasta which is what people look for when going there, apart from taking beautiful pictures.

The key element for an authentic “orecchietta” is the knife. Thanks to a (properly used) knife, in fact, “orecchiette” get their characteristic little dome shape. You’ve seen them big and flat? Then they were not “orecchiette” but “strascinati”.

The feel of these narrow streets excites visitors. They breath the smells of what’s being cooked inside these ancient houses, listen to vintage music spreading out loud from the windows and their eyes are full of details: doors hiding behind curtains, fast moving hands, coloured aprons, children running eating street food, occasional motorbikes passing by, other tourists, some cats and the sun always shining high.

Oh… this is sooo Italy-like!

This is exactly what collective imagination tells you Italy’s about! And to tell you the truth, this is exactly what Italy’s all about. Enjoy.

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